Planning Matters
The North Northamptonshire Joint Planning Unit (NNJPU) has been working on the replacement Core Strategy (JCS) that will guide and shape local planning policies in the area to 2031. 

The decisions directing the NNJPU are made by the a Joint Planning Committee, made up of 3 elected members from each of Corby, Kettering, Wellingborough and East Northamptonshire Councils, together with Northamptonshire County Council and is responsible for agreeing the Joint Core Spatial Strategy and other joint planning policy work.

The Core Strategy outlines to principles and policies by which local plans must be guided.  All plans and strategies MUST comply with The National Planning Framework which can be summed up by the framework's policy:
"At the heart of the National Planning Policy Framework is a presumption in favour of sustainable development, which should be seen as a golden thread running through both plan-making and decision-taking."
In terms of hierarchy, the local plan (The Rural North, Oundle and Thrapston Plan - RNOTP) sits under the umbrella of the Core Strategy and must comply with the principles and policies set out therein. 

It is important to understand that  virtually no development will be allowed if the proposal is not included in the RNOTP and in turn, to be included in the RNOTP, they must be in the Core Strategy.  (Small 'windfall' developments of perhaps a few houses might be possible, but large scale impactful development would not be considered).
As part of the current Core Strategy, a stand alone policy is being put forward to allow for an ' potential exceptional opportunity has been identified to enable the Rural North to accommodate additional development through the creation of an exemplar new 'Garden Village' including 1,000-1,250 homes at Deenethorpe Airfield. This would be in addition to growth delivered through an urban-focused spatial strategy elsewhere in North Northamptonshire.
The promotional brochure by the agents acting on behalf of Deene Estates can be viewed
The full proposals of this policy, Policy 14, is below and can be downloaded
The entire Joint Core Stategy Pre-submission plan can be downloaded from the East Northants website or supplied by the clerk on request

You can make your views known to Joint Planning Unit about the inclusion of Policy 14. 

The consultation runs for 6 weeks from the 26th January until 9th March 2015.

There are guidelines about submitting your views at this stage of the preparation of the strategy.  In essence this consultation is to consult on the 'soundness' and robust approach to the plan to date.  You can link to the guidelines

Representations should be made to the Joint Planning Unit by 5.00 p.m. on Monday 9th March 2015, at the latest. Representations should be made using the representation form and should set out if and why in the light of the tests of soundness the Plan needs further refinement prior to submission.

You can view the NNJPU website HERE